Albert Rivera


  • “Albert Rivera Organ Sextet opened Saturday's proceedings, with the tenor-playing leader and band hitting the mark on a slow, sultry "After Hours" and a dramatic original, a brooding reflection on 9/11 called "Remembrance."

    —Sandy Ingham
  • “Three young artist (Albert Rivera, Luques and Zaccai Curtis) who are part of the next wave in this jazz ritual.”

    —DownBeat Magazine
  • “Rivera has a timeless tenor tone and a special sensitivity on soprano.”

    Tony Hall
    Jazz Wise Magazine
  • “While Rivera's compositions are diverse, these musicians hit the pocket and sustain a powerful group dynamic.”

    —All About Jazz NY
  • “A Modern Jazz Messenger!”

    Owen McNally Hartford Courant
  • "Albert Rivera came to town for a show that blew us all away"

    —Ken Laster(Radio Host) - WWUS 91.7
  • "Albert and the band played straight ahead jazz the way it was meant to be played. If you weren't there you just MISSED"

    — Stanley Danner (Gerald Veasly Jazz Base)
  • "he asserts his more confrontational personality on the smaller, more sensitive-sounding instrument. Rivera’s soprano sound is equally as compelling as his tenor technique; he wrestles a deep, rich tone from the bright, tiny saxophone."

    —Jon Ross -

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Please click on any of the audio videos below to listen to full tracks of "Back At It"

Albert Rivera - Inner Peace

Personnel: Albert Rivera (Saxophones), Luques Curtis (Bass), Zaccai Curtis (Piano), Nick Roseboro (Trumpet), Jean Caze (Trumpet), Nathan Jolley (Drums), John Iannuzzi (Drums), Beck Burger (Hammond B3), Mark Whitfield (Guitar)

Albert Rivera - Inner Peace
  1. It Always Comes Back To This
  2. Inner Peace
  3. Excalibur
  4. Keeping A Balance
  5. A Cry of A Child
  6. While You Were Gone
  7. Remembrance (9/11 Tribute)
  8. From All Angles
  9. The First Time We Said Hello

Albert Rivera - Re-Introduction

Personnel: Albert Rivera (Saxophones), Ralph Peterson (Drums), Christian Scott (Trumpet), Luques Curtis (Bass), Zaccai Curtis (Piano), Nick Roseboro (Trumpet), Jimmy Greene (Tenor Saxophone), Andrew Lipow (Guitar)

Albert Rivera - Inner Peace
  1. Long Way From Home
  2. Greentones
  3. (Ain't It) Just Like the Night
  4. New View
  5. Me, Myself and I
  6. Elsewhere
  7. The New York-Hartford Connection
  8. Family Extension
  9. My Way of Saying It
  10. The New York-Hartford Connection (Alt Take)

© 2005 - 2011 Albert Rivera, photography by Steve Sussman